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CES Unveiled

Palais Brongniart, Paris, France

The CES Unveiled returns to Paris for the fifth time. A key meeting point of tech leaders around the latest French technologies. The event will take place at the Palais Brongniart, a flagship place of Parisian heritage.

The Palais Brongniart © Palais Brongniart

Cocktail dinner

Station F, Paris, Angers

A cocktail dinner will end this first day of the World Electronics Forum in the world’s biggest startup campus: Station F. This project dreamed up by Xavier Niel, founder among others of Iliad group, a major telecom operator of French Tech, is located in a historical monument of 34.000 sq. meters. The train station, which becamed a coworking space, houses a whole entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof, in the heart of Paris.

This convivial moment will allow you to meet French companies and start-ups.

The Station F, the world’s biggest startup campus © Station F

WEF 2017 Meeting

The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, Fontevraud, France

The annual meeting of the World Electronics Forum will take place in Europe’s largest Abbey: the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud. Situated where the three regions of Poitou, Anjou and Touraine meet, it is one of the largest surviving monastic cities from the Middle Ages. The Abbey was listed as a historical Monument in 1840, and as part of the Loire Valley, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

© L'Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud.

Learning expeditions

Maine-et-Loire, France

Companies guided tours will be organized throughout the day. You will be able to choose between seven thematic paths: Smart Agri, Smart Health, Smart Wear, Smart Security, Smart Mobility, Smart Energy and Smart Home. You will have the chance to discover companies according to your interests.

Electronic circuit © Angers Loire Métropole

Seven themes for company visits

Electronics is gaining ground across all sectors of the economy, and currently makes up 10% of the world’s GDP. The electronics industry is the primary vector of intelligence for the products and services it enables, and is a crucial factor in the development of a Smart World and new ways of using things. As the fourth industrial revolution gains global reach, new forms of cooperation are emerging between traditional economy sectors and electronics. This is the backdrop against which Electronics Valley is gradually taking shape in the West of France, ready to respond to new trends and demands for new uses, and to invent the electronics industry of the future.

Based on the current environment, we have organised a guided tour of several local businesses. See for yourself: the Smart World is being built in Anjou:

  • 1st AIM: to provide a genuine “learning expedition

Visiting 7 sites, we will present our region’s prowess in terms of SMART USES for the future, with examples of competitive clusters, initiatives and group projects:

Smart Agri, Smart Health, Smart Wear, Smart Security, Smart Mobility, Smart Energy, Smart Factory


  • 2nd AIM: We will leverage the ecosystem of each SMART use, all of which will address key electronics issues from 4 angles: connected devices, smart sensors, smart power and cybersecurity.


For more details about these seven themes:

Smart Agri

France is Europe’s biggest agricultural producer and its second biggest exporter. In the Pays de la Loire region, farming accounts for almost 6% of local jobs and takes up 2/3 of the land. Its force lies in its diversity: livestock, crop production and seafood to name just a few. In total, there are 11 different types of farm in the Pays de la Loire. This makes Western France an obvious choice for large agricultural cooperatives at the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to new types of production.

Smart Health

French medicine is reputed the world over, and France has secured its place on the map as a pioneer for Smart Health innovation and testing, for hospitals and home care. Ahead of the game in terms of data protection, new types of solutions and approaches for remote health care are emerging in Western France.

Smart Wear

The textile, cloth and footwear industries have been present on the territory for a long time : 50% of the clothing, shoes and leather goods manufactured in France is produced in the Western region. The “Pays de la Loire” has unrivalled expertise in ready-to-wear clothing, sportswear, shoes and industrial work wear. The western region of France is one of the major area in France where electronic research, design house and manufacturing plants are well established for many years. The combination of this both electronic and wear industries and know-how makes this region very attractive. Driven by a high level of innovation, numerous innovative projects (connected shoes, smart clothes,…) are developed here reflecting the high dynamism of our area and contributing to its economic strength.

Smart Security

Cyber skills are honed here in the West before being deployed among military and civilian organisations across Europe. Cybersecurity is crucial for creating the trust on which the Smart World depends, and it requires a combination of hard and soft approaches that few other ecosystems can deliver.

Smart Home

A Smart Home is one that provides its home owners comfort, security, energy efficiency (low operating costs) and convenience at all times, regardless of whether anyone is home. Smart Home is the term commonly used to define a residence that has appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, entertainment audio & video systems, security, and camera systems that are capable of communicating with one another and can be controlled remotely by a time schedule, from any room in the home, as well as remotely from any location in the world by phone or internet.

Smart Energy

Energy efficiency and a varied energetic mix have become key factors in securing the sustainability of our growth model. The West has adopted an avant-garde position for this energy shift, combining technological development, innovation, and deployment, to accelerate the emergence of new ways of using Smart Energy.

Smart Mobility

It’s not just driverless cars – for which France and the French car industry play a leading role on the world stage – but an entire industry that is arising as new mobility solutions are developed. Embedded intelligence in vehicles and infrastructures is reshaping travel as we know it; not only with new ways of travelling, but the economic models they represent.


Gala reception

The Saint-Jean Granaries and the Jean-Lurçat Museum, Angers, France

At the end of this companies tours day, a gala reception will be organized. On your way, you will walk across the gardens of the old Saint-Jean Hospital. Place of salvation for the spirit soul and the body, it is the representation of the Garden of Eden, the Lost Paradise. Next, you will cross a gallery, a cloister and the Jean-Lurçat Museum, an exceptional architectural ensemble of the 12th century, which exhibitsten tapestries of Le Chant du monde of Jean Lurçat, since 1968. Then, you will reach Saint-Jean Granaries, a beautiful place full of history.

The Tapestries of Jean-Lurçat Museum © Léonard de Serres - Angers Loire Métropole

The Forum of decision makers

Le Quai Theater, Angers, France

The Forum of decision makers will take place in Le Quai Theater, by the Maine river banks. Workshops, keynotes, showroom and business meetings will link between start-up, leaders, companies and schools together.

The Forum of decision makers © Patrice Campion


The Château of Brissac, Brissac, France

Charles-André de Cossé-Brissac, marquis of the Château of Brissac, will welcome you and tell you the story of his family and his abode, old of 600 years. At the end of the welcome cocktail, you will enjoy a private guided tour of the monument and you will discover the secrets of this fabulous castle, also named “The Giant of the Loire Valley”. Under the watchful eye of family’s portraits, you will be served a royal candlelit dinner cooked by a French chef.

The Château of Brissac © Angers Loire Métropole

The Media Forum

Le Quai Theater, Angers, France

The Media Forum (Libération, l’Express, BFM TV and RMC) will be dedicated to the industry of the future. Keynotes and public debates will be organized on the theme of IoT and GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon).

The Press Forum © Angers Loire Métropole

Fall Festival

Terra Botanica, Angers, France

In Angers, the first theme park in Europe devoted to plant life, is Terra Botanica. The secrets of six centuries of history, beginning with King René and his famous floral gardens will be revealed to you. During the Fall Festival, at Terra Botanica, you will discover the world he 275,000 plant species and exceptional collections of orchids, roses, and palm trees. You will have the chance to see the fall foliage.

Terra Botanica © Angers Loire Métropole

The vineyards of the Loire Valley

Pays de la Loire, France

From Sancerre to the wines of Nantes, by way of the wines of Touraine and Anjou, the vineyards of the Loire Valley are rich in wines of exception that are acclaimed for their diversity and authenticity. The vineyard of the Coulée de Serrant open its doors to you during one day. You will discover the French way of life and will have no trouble to be convinced of its merits.

The vineyards of the Loire Valley © Angers Loire Métropole
Le Château d'Angers et ses jardins


The Château of Angers, Angers, France

A cocktail will be awaiting you in the Chateau of Angers. Angers’ inhabitants are very proud of their remarkable citadel, built in the 13th century. Punctuated by 17 towers, the massive medieval fortifications in schist and limestone stretch for almost 500 meters. Kept in a safe place, the Tapestry of the Apocalypse is a unique treasure in the world, ordered by Duke Louis 1st, in 1375.

The Château of Angers © Angers Loire Métropole

WEF Awards Cocktail Party by Cointreau

Carré Cointreau, Angers, France

You will be guided through the authentic distillery of the famous liqueur of Angers: Cointreau, spirit made from bitter and sweet oranges’ peels. The savoir-faire of this original recipe created by Edouard Cointreau, in 1875, will no longer be a secret. In a cozy atmosphere, a cocktail concocted with Cointreau will await you at the bar. You will also have the opportunity to attend an Award Ceremony, organized by “CMAI Association of India and TEMA”, an association with several industry associations and government agencies which attributes every year awards to recognize the upcoming talent and to honor great achievements made in the field of IT & Electronics. To apply to be one of the winners, please check here : http://ictwca.com/WEF/nomination.php

The distillery of Cointreau © Angers Loire Métropole

The Loire Valley Excursion

Pays de la Loire, France

During this Sunday’s tour, you will be amazed seeing the Château de Chenonceau, also known as the “Ladies’ Chateau”. Its story is defined by an almost uninterrupted succession of women who built, embellished, protected, restored and saved it. L’Origan restaurant will welcome you for the lunch in a magnificent rotunda dining room on the ground floor of the Château d’Artigny. Chef Richard Prouteau will cook you regional specialties with delicious local products.

The Château of Chenonceau © Marc Jauneaud
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