CMAI World Electronics Awards 2017

Organized by “CMAI Association of India and TEMA” and Angers French Tech, in association with several Industry associations and government agencies, an Award Ceremony will be held on 28th October during the cocktail in the Cointreau Factory. Every year, CMAI Association attributes awards to recognize the upcoming talent in the industry of IT, Telecom, Education & Electronics and to honor great achievements made in the field. These awards provide greater encouragement and impetus to the players for their contribution in the field of IT & Electronics. This year, Angers French Tech, as one of the major body organizing the 22nd World Electronics Forum, joins CMAI Association of India and TEMA, for one of the highlights of the week.

During the ceremony of ICT Awards, different industrial innovations will be showcased and the most outstanding of them will be rewarded. The jury will have the opportunity to decide between different participants according to several categories: Best/Excellent/Upcoming. Aside from the traditional prizes, CMAI Association of India, TEMA and Angers French Tech can spontaneously create new nominations. The whole idea behind this ceremony is to target and acknowledge outstanding innovations, for sponsors from the industry to commercialize and use for their growth.

If you want to know more about these Awards and apply to be one of our winners, please check the following website: You will find the form to fill in. Once applications are reviewed, a jury consisting of actors with different backgrounds will gather and select the winners, who will be invited to the Awards ceremony in the famous Cointreau Factory. Prizes also include counseling for marketing the winning products, free CMAI membership, free entrance to CMAI/TEMA events for a year, and free entrance to several electronics and telecom shows.

About CMAI Association of India – CMAI is the only integrated professional registered Association in India for Mobiles, Telecom, ICT, Education, Cyber Security, Communications, Multimedia, Manufacturing Industries and the Infrastructure Sector having more than 48,500 members. It is an apex premier body with more than 54 International and National MOU, partners and representatives all over the world. CMAI through legislative and regulatory advocacy, research, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and seminars, technology events, buyers-sellers meetings and B2B meetings. CMAI also promotes and fosters business and strategic relationships, known for Digital India, Make in India, Skill India, Start-Up India, Cellular Services, Mobile handset industry, National and State Level Education Summit and Awards.

About Angers French Tech – Angers is the original electronics production center of Europe, and has developed its French Tech value proposition along two main strands: growth of industry and links with the electronics sector in the West. With the endorsement of its ecosystem in June 2015, Angers French Tech has consolidated its status as the #IoT and #Manufacturing hub of Western France. This is a unique manufacturing ecosystem with 50 000 jobs in industry, representing 25 % of the sector nationwide, mainly concentrated in manufacturing. Situated at the heart of the European market, Angers French Tech incorporates the skills, the technical ability and the network of experts necessary to respond quickly and fully to the industry requirements of the future.