Angers and its surroundings

Angers, the capital of Anjou

 Angers, the capital of Anjou

The Angers tourist office is happy to help you to organize your stay in the heart of the Loire valley, a UNESCO world heritage site.

As France’s 3rd AOC vineyard, Angers has a strong cultural and gastronomic identity. Learn about prestigious designations such as AOC Anjou and AOC Savennières, wine cellars awarded Vignoble & Découverte status, and visit Angers’ vineyards.



Ideally situated at the gateway to Western France at 1.15 hrs from the Atlantic coast and known for its pleasant climate, Angers is officially recognized for its gastronomy by Rabelais and Curnonsky, famous gastronomes.

In Angers, we take our time to taste the delicious wines grown from varieties like Chenin, the Loire’s most noble grape, or to savor a Quernon d’Ardoise, blue square of nougatine with slivered and roasted almonds and halzenuts, salted caramel and coated with blue chocolate like slate.


The impressive fortress looming over the Maine right in the center of Angers is the castle of the Dukes of Anjou. This castle is one of 5 monuments belonging to the Historic Monuments Centre among the most visited in France. It houses a unique heritage treasure in the world, the Apocalypse tapestry.

There are more castles in Anjou than anywhere else in France. You’ll find around a dozen of them in and around Angers, all of them magnificent, including Brissac – the highest castle in France – and the Plessis-Bourré, where the film “Peau d’âne” (Donkey Skin) was shot.